We have moved to new location!

CBTC has moved! Starting this week on Thursday, October 12th, we will be in the new location.

Please inform anyone you know who may not be receiving emails from us that we have moved. It would be very sad to have someone go to the old location this week. 
We thank God for all that He has done for CBTC. Our landlord offered us a new space in one of his buildings. This has been the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight. 
God has been gracious to open a new door for CBTC. When we started the vision, we asked God for a centrally located place, close to a train station and with enough parking for students and teachers. This new location ticks most of the boxes.

No more noise complaints.
No more starting classes at 7:00 p.m. because of noise complaints.
No more struggle with parking. We did not have parking but the Lord has granted us excess parking in the new location.
No more classrooms separated by a divider. Our new classrooms are separated by walls.
We just need to move in and start taking classes. Praise the Lord!
We encourage those who have to drive further to take that as an act of sacrifice. As Jesus sacrificed His life for us, what can we not do for God? 

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